Chartering Brokers

Broker by choice

In Gastaldi & C we can boast excellence in the brokerage sector.
We are focused and specialized in the transport of bulk goods, “project cargo” & heavy load, steel and packaged goods.
We deploy a highly dynamic and motivated team of brokers, who aim to provide tailor-made solutions to our customers.

Target markets

Gastaldi & C. operates as a competitive broker on behalf of major manufacturers and traders, as well as international freight forwarders, in the field of food raw materials, coal, cement, project cargo, steel and steel products in general, as well as packaged goods.

Qualifications and guarantees

At Gastaldi & C. we operate as Commercial Agents on behalf of primary carriers, specialized in the breakbulk and Heavylifts sectors, guaranteeing a widespread presence on the territory. We are capable of booking loads and providing adequate and professional assistance to specialized vessels, geared & gearless MPP vessels, Ro/Ro and HeavyLift freighters out of any port in the country